COVID-19 Statement

Dear Families of Sheboygan County and surrounding communities,

The families we serve are always our top priority. During this ever-changing and concerning time, the current COVID-19 event, we want to share our plan with you. We reassure you; we stand by ready to serve you and your family. We remain open and our trained, caring staff will continue assisting families.

Recognizing loss is a human instinct and is a vital component to the healing process. Simply put, funerals are important. Yet, in times of critical health importance, we stand with these difficult decisions made to protect public health and make adjustments of our personal normalities to aid the greater community and their health. 

Wenig Funeral Homes values technology for the convenience of our consumers. Webcasts and recording of services are available at no cost to help give extended family and community members opportunities to be included in the services. Making funeral arrangements can be done in person, or virtually to give families added flexibility and protection. Our innovative SEND HUGS platform allows you to share a private video message or condolence to the family from the convince of your home. You can also support families via guest books and ONLINE OBITUARIES on our website.

We have taken the following steps to balance the needs of mourners and guests with the recommended precautions communicated to us by the CDC and the National Funeral Directors Association:
• We routinely perform environmental cleaning/sanitizing throughout this facility, such as countertops, doorknobs, bathrooms, tabletops, chairs, pews, and all other frequently touched surfaces.
• We provide disposable sanitizing wipes throughout our facility to clean surfaces before/after touching/using them.
• We provide CDC-recommended hand sanitizers (≥60% alcohol content). As recommended by local and national experts, we encourage the use of facemasks. 
• We provide disposable tissues throughout our facility so guests can cover sneezes and coughs, as well as a greater number of trash receptacles to immediately dispose of used tissues.
• We ask staff to follow social-distancing guidelines and to stay home if feeling sick.
• Foremost, if you have a fever, experience a persistent cough, and/or have difficulty breathing, then please do not attend today’s service and instead consult your physician.
• Follow social-distancing guidelines:
~ Do not kiss, hug or shake hands with other attendees
~ Remain at least six feet from others at all times
• Wash your hands frequently and/or use a provided hand sanitizer.
• We have deliberately spaced our seating and standing stanchions farther apart than normal to conform to the current recommended social-distancing guidelines.

Keep the Faith
Throughout history, human beings have still managed to conduct the rites, rituals, and services necessary to honor and remember their beloved dead during challenging times. Therefore, despite the difficulties we now face, both personally and professionally, never doubt that, together, we will all get through this, for this too shall pass.
Thank you for following the above guidelines and, more importantly, for granting those most affected by this loss with the gift of your personal presence – one of the most important functions of a funeral service.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a staff member for assistance.


Wenig Funeral Homes has served this community for decades and we stand ready to serve you now during this critical time. We will make every effort to accommodate families in any capacity needed to provide safety and comfort, while honoring their loved one.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at (920) 467-3431.

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